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Additional Information


We accept quality items anytime we have room to store them. 

Our commission rate is 25% of the total sale before taxes unless other agreements have been instituted in contract with consignor.

Once the item is sold, we receive a commission from the sold price. We pay consignor’s by check after an auction within fifteen days unless other arrangements have been made between the Auctioneer and consignor.

Unless otherwise stated in contract if something does not sell in the auction the consignor/seller must pick up unsold item(s) by the end of the next business day or said items become the property of Neathery's Auction & Sale Shed to do with as they please. Neathery’s Sale Shed will determine which auction the items will be sold in. 

The following is a list of items we do not  accept.
Clothes unless it is a quality piece such as leather coat or brand new item!
Particle Board Furniture-unless it is like new!
No pornographic magazines, pictures, or movies!
Infant/Toddler Car Seats
Broken or Dirty Items
Cassettes, VHS, homemade copies of music or movies
This list of items changes over time and we will determine acceptability of items as they come in.

We accept quality consignments. You may call us or send photos and descriptions of your items by e-mail Please call for further information, including commission rates.

Contact us if you have any questions.

It is always best to call before you come.